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Youth Health in Schools helping rangatahi take control of their future


Zara is kickstarting her future career – supported by the team at Te Tahi Youth.

The 15-year-old Rolleston College student spends three days a week studying at school and the other two days at Ara Institute of Canterbury.

“I knew I wanted to do better at school, but I needed help to work out how to do that.”

With a long-held interest in hair and beauty, dual enrolment offered Zara an opportunity to pursue a year-long qualification at Ara alongside her studies at school.

“Dual enrolment was a decision that I made with my family, supported by the career advisors at Rolleston College. I also talked about the idea with some of the Te Tahi Youth kaimahi at the in-school health clinic, too. They were really helpful.”

The Te Tahi Youth Health in Schools service operates out of an in-school health clinic at Rolleston College, offering students support for physical, mental, and sexual health. The service provides a non-judgmental space where every student is supported to access the help they need.

Zara says she and her friends have found it super helpful to have someone to talk to.

“Lots of people go and see the nurses. There’s been a few incidents at school where the nurses and kaimahi really helped. They’ve also taken me and some others to the community centre if we need other services that they don’t have here.”

It’s peace of mind for whānau too – Zara says her family are happy to know there are services she can access on-campus when she needs them.

“It’s definitely better than what we had before. Once Te Tahi Youth moved here, it was a lot better for everyone, and everyone just felt more comfortable.”

Happy to be spending her time between Rolleston College and her course at Ara, Zara says she thinks her decision has been for the best – especially when it comes to her interest in school.

Chatting to the nurses at Te Tahi Youth’s in-school health clinic has helped a lot, too.

“Me and my friends have felt better knowing there’s a room we can just go to and talk when we need. If we need something from the nurse, they can also give us stuff.

“You can tell them what’s happened, you don’t have to make something up. They won’t judge.”

Te Tahi Youth’s nurse prescribers can offer prescriptions for common conditions, such as asthma or minor skin infections. It’s a one stop shop, but at school.

Te Tahi Youth’s Youth Health in Schools service is available to any school in Ōtautahi and Selwyn, with packages individually designed to suit each school’s needs and budget. 

Want to know more? Head here for more information about the Youth Health in Schools service.