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Student demand triples following launch of Youth Health in Schools service

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Rolleston College has experienced a surge of students accessing school health services following the launch of Te Tahi Youth’s in-school health clinics.

“We used to have one or two students a day visiting our school nurse, now we have lines out the clinic door,” Rolleston College Deputy Principal Alby Wilson says.

Rolleston College was one of the first schools to sign up for Te Tahi Youth’s Youth Health in Schools service when it launched last year. The service, which sees Te Tahi Youth’s specialist youth health team operating clinics within schools, aims to provide easy access to health care, enabling learners to stay engaged in school and reduce medical absenteeism.

Alby Wilson says previously they hired a nurse to work within the school, but very few students were accessing the service.

“We knew there was a need that wasn’t being met, so when we had the option to review our service we talked to Te Tahi Youth. We loved their vibe and the fact they had school experience and youth experience. It has been a game changer.”

Since Te Tahi Youth launched clinics at Rolleston College the number of students accessing school health services has tripled.

“Having Te Tahi Youth onsite has opened the door for those accessing the service who might not have done so before. The number of students going into the clinic speaks volumes and the feedback from students has been positive. They see the Te Tahi Youth clinic as a safe, trusted space.”

Te Tahi Youth Team Lead for Youth Health in Schools Toby Hilton says for a lot of young people finding someone to talk to about topics such as sexual health or mental health can be challenging, but they provide a safe opportunity for those discussions to be held within the school environment.

“Some young people will just pop in for a quick chat and might need a bit of advice around a certain situation and then we may not see them again while others we may work with on a weekly or even a daily basis,” Toby says.

Te Tahi Youth’s nurse prescribers can also offer prescriptions for common conditions.

“If a young person has a minor skin infection or needs support for asthma or other general conditions, we can address it within the school, with family support. We’re making access to health care easy, reducing the need for students to take time off school and supporting schools to focus on their core role of education,” Toby says.

At Rolleston College students book in to see the Te Tahi Youth team during class hours, with drop-in clinics available during break times.

Te Tahi Youth’s Youth Health in Schools service is available to any school in Ōtautahi and Selwyn, with packages individually designed to suit each school’s needs and budget. It’s a service Alby Wilson has already recommended to others.

“Te Tahi Youth understand teens, they understand the ins and outs of schools and they understand what students’ need. It just works really well.”

Want to know more? Head here for more information about the Youth Health in Schools service.