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Introducing our awesome new service: Youth Health in Schools


In the past few years, health services in schools have become more depleted by the minute, and some rangatahi are not able to access the support they need to thrive in education and life.

When we realised schools needed extra support in their healthcare team, we stepped up to the plate and offered the services of our two great nurses, Toby and Donna.

It became such a success at Rolleston, Ellesmere, and Lincoln, that we’re now offering our Te Tahi Youth Health services to every school in Ōtautahi and Selwyn.

The aim is for one day, all youth in the Greater Christchurch area can access the support they need, and we’re making sure it starts at school, where rangatahi naturally are five days a week.

“We know young people are struggling a lot these days with pretty much everything – mental health, navigating gender diversity, and young people in general not being able to access the support they need,” Toby says.

“Our Youth Health in Schools service is here to change that.”

Donna, currently at Rolleston College Monday to Friday supporting their hauora team, has seen the impact already just by having a nurse on-site.

Her belief is no question is a silly question, and every opportunity is a learning experience.

“It’s always good to have another adult to be able to disclose stuff to and ask questions about their health and wellbeing, especially if they feel too shy to ask other adults about it.”

Offering services in mental health, sexual health, and general wellbeing, our Youth Health in Schools service gives students access to youth-friendly health assessments, contraception, do-it-yourself STI checks, and mental health support. The service provides wrap-around support while acting as a starting block if the young person needs it. Plus, every student has full access to our wider Te Tahi Youth services, like youth workers, social workers, doctors, and the employment team.

Toby and Donna, as nurse prescribers, can provide antibiotics for common infections, creams for eczema, asthma inhalers, contraceptive pills, and Depo Provera, as well as many other prescriptions to maintain youth wellbeing in schools.

We make sure to keep everything youth friendly and inclusive to everyone who comes to see us. For schools, we help manage demand and carry the load, while keeping it all on campus.

Most importantly, our Youth Health in Schools service doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff.

“We just get in and do the work and support the young people, and from it, we see amazing outcomes. It’s a great service,” Toby says.

If your school needs extra health support, contact us about our Youth Health in Schools service today.